Premium Redbank Hair Salon for Haircuts, Colour and Protective Care

For what amounts to a collection of dead cells, proper hair care takes considerable time, effort and a touch of know-how. If you’re not having success with off-the-shelf hair care products marketed through advertisements, you’re not alone. These products often have chemicals that damage the hair and it’s usually unclear for what type of hair the product was intended. There is amyriad of hair textures and if the product was not designed to work with yours, you’re wasting your money. For a personalised hair care experience crafted by skilled hair artists look no further than Unique PHD.

Established in 2015, our award-winning stylists have created contemporary, head-turning styles that optimise your natural beauty while carefully protecting your tresses. Our Redbank hair salon provides a wide range of hair care services including colour, texturisers and extensions in a tranquil environment by artists continually honing their artistic craft to deliver the most stunning, healthy, contemporary styles using the latest techniques and the highest quality tools and products. Our balanced team of hair artists cater to your specific hair type and texture to produce a unique and natural look sure to make an impression.

An Alternative to Typical Redbank Hair Salons

We design picturesque stylings for daily wear or any special occasion on men, women and children. Typical Redbank salons have you come in, point to a picture in a magazine and then promise you a miracle without consideration for your hair type. You’re expected to sit down and trust the process passively. If you’re lucky, your haircut comes out something like the original picture, but too often you’re left dissatisfied with damaged hair. Guests looking for a striking Redbank haircut need a salon that hosts reputable artists with expansive creativity and industry-leading hair care knowledge and experience.

Our creative director, for example, has an extensive background in innovative hair stylings for events, everyday wear and stage performance. Committed to creating a positive experience for each guest, we take time to understand your desired aesthetic and establish a plan for how it can best be achieved based on your existing features. We’ll also teach you how to maintain your style and protect it from daily styling damage with leading hair care products available at our Redbank hair salon. Where standard Redbank salons seek to fill their schedules, we take time to ensure a quality finish that has you leaving our salon relaxed, confident and rejuvenated every time. Call today to set up a free treatment and style consultation where we’ll discuss style, colouring and extension options, or book your treatment online.

Hair Care Made Easy by Unique PHD

Get a high-fashion look without the cost at Redbank’s Unique PHD. We accompany our list of services with standard pricing based on hair length and degree of application (new or touch-up). Still, we understand that even routine hair maintenance at a salon can be pricey. Therefore, we offer AfterPay as well as an opportunity to become a VIP member and access our campaigns. These packages provide discounted treatment bundles applicable to your style goals and/or maintenance. A set of pre-scheduled wash, haircut and colour retouch bundles is just one example. Membership is as easy as joining our social media community where you will also receive hair care tips, community announcements, our event calendar and product information.