Looking for a Hairdresser near Redbank Plaza? Find Super-Talented Hairdressers at Unique PHD for a Ravishing Haircut

Even a child can handle a pair of scissors. But that doesn’t mean you should allow anyone to cut your hair. If you always want to look your best, you should entrust your hair to skilled and experienced people, such as the stylists you’ll find at Unique PHD. Meet our team of six highly-qualified hairdressers near Redbank Plaza, on 59 Brisbane Road, or learn more about us here.

We’re at your service from 10 am to 9 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and 10 am to 5 pm on Thursdays and Fridays. If you are an early bird on a Saturday, be our welcome guest at 8 am. By the time the Redbank Plaza shops open, you’ll be ready for a shopping spree, looking breathtaking – or pop in a little later, we are here until 4 pm every Saturday.

No hairdresser at Redbank offers the Unique PHD experience

You’ll notice the difference of Unique PHD the moment you enter our hairdressing salon where we’ll greet you with a friendly and natural smile. We smile, not because we’re supposed to, but because we like doing our job. Hairstyling is, after all, an excellent means to be creatively expressive and we consider ourselves artists. This doesn’t mean we’d send you away if you only want a quick haircut, nice and short to be ready for summer. Whether you prefer a sweet and simple or intricate and impressive haircut, our Redbank salon is the right address for you.

Another difference you’ll experience, the moment you step inside, is the pleasantly relaxing atmosphere. Our salon is spacious, tastefully decorated and our chairs are comfortable. One of our most important aims is making our guests feel at ease. Sometimes, people are nervous about getting their hair done since not every hairdresser listens carefully to what they want.

Purse-friendly prices and AfterPay

Also, compare our price list with that of any competition hairdresser in Redbank. Do you prefer a healthy and smooth hairstyle, or are you all for tousled and curvaceous? Perhaps you know that Nirvana blonde and Pantone’s ultra-violet are the latest fashion. Ombre, balayage, salt & pepper; at Unique PHD it’s all possible, but you want to know what it will cost you. Our price list is clear and detailed so that you’ll know exactly what value you will get for your money. We also offer interest-free ZipPay and AfterPay so you can enjoy your purchased products without waiting for pay-day.

Discover our packages to refresh your existing colours, or to experience lovely long extensions. For the price, you’ll not only get a full treatment, but also any necessary check-ups and products you might need to keep your hair in the same splendid condition for a long, long time.

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