Hello beautiful people!! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. Last Friday I was able to try out the latest hair care that just landed a couple of days ago at Unique PHD. The product? Marula Oil. I went in this past Friday to have a touch up gloss done on my hair and Shae used a few of the products on my hair. I literally felt the difference as she applied the Rare Oil Intensive Masque ($54). Yep, I even ran my fingers through my hair at the basin…cause you know, I had to get a hands-on experience with what the product is doing to my hair.

I was actually able to run my fingers through my hair as the masque glided effortlessly through my hair. It felt velvety, like a light mousse almost. I could feel it working its magic as it enveloped my hair from root to tip. Even after the masque was washed out, I could still feel the difference it had done to my hair, it felt replenished and oh so soft.

The indulgence didn’t stop there though. I needed to see what other luxuries this brand sported because instantly, I was hooked. I learned that this versatile oil comes from the fruit of a Marula tree in Africa. The oil is rich in concentrated nutrients and oleic acid – a natural fatty acid occurring in fruit and nuts.

Back at my chair, Shae put through some of the Rare Oil Style Extending Primer ($39.95). This improves the condition of your hair and is the ideal foundation for extending your style. For those of you playing at home and remember what I touched base on in my last blog about good foundation for the hair…this is definitely one of them. Best thing about this? You can use it alone or under other stylers. So you can layer other products on top and still get the benefits. Winning!

Have an awesome week everyone! I shall see you all in the next blog