KHairPep Treatment // Masque

When you end up having a bad week but it doesn’t have to end up being a bad hair day too. I’m in the process of lightening my hair as far as it can go without breaking which believe me is a feat and a half. I do believe that I’ll be able to have less waiting periods in between sessions thanks to the KHairPep Treatment Masque as it helps to restore and strengthen hair within minutes. And I do mean minutes! I don’t know about you but I’m booking in for another appointment already at UniquePhd Salon.

KHairPep Treatment // Program

It takes quite a number of trials before a product can reach the level of skincare, cosmetics, fragrance and haircare essentials in my honest opinion. If you know me well, you know that it can take up to weeks or even months before something can be labelled as a daily essential, in any of my existing routines. I have been using the same products in my skincare and haircare routine for what seems eons so it takes somewhat of a miracle for me to be impressed by a new haircare range.

I am in awe that the KhairPep Masque Treatment program reached cult status level in a matter of days! The results were instant. I guess you could say that I was a tad obsessed. It’s conveniently sized, and so easy to use, and it designed for hair damaged by colouring and bleaching. Guilty of all of the above. I couldn’t believe how quickly the Treatment Masque and Program was able to not only repair, strengthen and improve the quality of my excessively coloured (and bleached) hair but the added benefit of reviving the softness and volume of my fragile hair is beyond compare.