If you’re out and about this summer and need the most effortless beachy waves, you’ve come to the right place! All you’ll need for this hairstyle is a comb and 4 hair ties.

There are two ways to pull this look off.
In both versions you will either have to shampoo your hair first or dampen it with a spray bottle.

Version 1:
Step 1: Ensure your hair is damp before splitting it into 4 sections. The dampness will help the wave hold once it dries.
Step 2: Try not to make the plaits too tight as this will make your waves look too bouncy/frizzy.
Step 3: You can sleep in these plaits over night for them to set or you can let them dry while you get ready. If they are still damp, then blast them with the hair dryer but make sure you cool them with the cold blast button!!
Step 4: Unravel the plaits and run your fingers through your hair. For extra volume you can use volumising powder by pure!

Version 2:
Again ensure your hair is damp before continuing. If you can braid split your hair straight down the middle and braid each section. You can leave these braids in all day and all night then take them out when you are ready to rock the waves in the morning.

If you’re thinking of going to the beach or anywhere in the Australian sun this summer be sun smart! Make sure you pack and wear your sunscreen and use moisturising products in your ends to keep those waves luscious.

For this look I used the Whipped cream by Milkshake to add some moisture back into my hair after being at the beach