The Straight Truth

How many of you straighten your hair or use hot tools? I know I do, a little too often than I’d care to admit.  Did I know I was doing it wrong? Nope. The result? Dry, frizzy hair that was prone to a hell of a lot of breaking.  Ever wonder why the longevity of your curls or that blow-dry when you leave the hairdresser lasts a few days?  – don’t lie, we’ve all gone that extra day without washing our hair 😉 – It’s because they use the appropriate products and styling tools for your hair.

Did you know? In 1909 Issac K. Shero patented a hair straightener which was made out of two irons that were heated and placed around the hair.

After you’ve washed and towel dried your hair, it’s important to add heat protectant and serums that will aid in blow-drying and straightening. Products such as Juuce Miracle D Frizz and Milkshakes Incredible Milk  are fantastic for prepping your hair before the use of heat products.
Hair straighteners work by breaking the hair’s hydrogen bonds which are what make your hair curly.  Once the bonds are broken, the hair stops from going back to its original curly form.  The bonds reform once moisture touches them.

So the key to getting that sleek straight and shiny hair? It’s all about the tools and products you use on those locks to keep them looking gorgeous and on point.  Invest in a good blow-dryer, they are a bit on the pricey end but the investment is so worth it and you and your hair will notice the difference.  The Cloud 9 Airshot ($240) is the latest in their range of hairdryers.  This hairdryer boasts vitamin infused ceramic heating to care for your hair while styling. Now complete your luxurious experience with a Cloud 9 Straightener ($175-$330) these babies come in a wide, original and micro size. Each of their irons features an intelligent temperature control technology which in turn will give your hair a sleek and shiny finish.

As Niq says, “It’s all about preparing the hair and getting the canvas ready for the masterpiece.” Let’s be honest here. We’re all masterpieces; we just feel it more so when we walk out of Unique PHD looking like a million bucks!
Confessions of a Hair-A-Holic