Okay, so…I know I usually can’t sleep but at least I have reason this time! I have a hot date tomorrow!!! I can’t stop thinking about his gorgeous blue eyes, his head of hair that I just want to run my fingers through… focus…you’re meant to be trying for sleep…oh jeez, what am I even gonna wear? Hair up or hair down? What’s the time at now? 3:15am…okay that’s cool, I don’t need to be up for another few hours, I should just clear my thoughts and try to calm down and I’ll fall asleep.

I awoke with a start, a shiver of excitement running through me. Hah! Take that insomnia, I beat you and I was able to fall asleep. Awesome, I even woke before my alarm went off! I’ll be well rested and won’t have to worry about excess bags under my eyes. One handbag is enough!
WHAT?!? 3:35am, ugh…doesn’t matter. I may as well get up and make use of this time. I might put a treatment or something in my hair…get it feeling soft and silky, ready for him to run his fingers through.

So I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom, I take a quick glance at the reflection staring back at me, hah, that poor soul, she has a tangled yellow mess of hair on her head.

Oh…my…god…THAT’S ME! I look at myself dumbfounded. Panic mode engaged. What the hell was Niq saying cancels yellow tones out? Was it Red? Blue? I was too busy daydreaming about a certain someone. No wait, it was Purple! Okay, crap….I wonder if Purple acrylic paint would work? What the hell am I even thinking I’m sleep deprived and unable to be rational. Now think, think, think…hang on a sec, Niq gave me a bottle of something last I saw him…now where in the abyss that is my handbag did I put it? A-ha! 18inOne blonde shampoo removes brassy tones and yellow tones from hair. Perfect! Just what I need! I won’t be a hot mess for long now! Oooh it has Argan oil in it too which will help with getting my hair soft and silky and the added Keratin will help reduce frizz!

So I wet my hair and lather this purple concoction through my hair. I leave it in for a good few minutes so it has time to penetrate and work its magic and I pray to the hair Gods that my hair can be salvaged and look on point for this date. Rinse. Towel dry and blow-dry.

Amazing! This did wonders; it truly cancelled the yellow tones and removed traces of brassiness.What’s more is it left my hair feeling incredible without it feeling heavy or weighted down which I’ve found with some products I’ve used in the past.  Another product well recommended by the amazing Niq. Looks like I won’t have to wear a paper bag over my head for this date after all.

How did the date go? Stay tuned…