New in Town? Artistic Hairdressers Available at Hair Salon Near Springfield Lakes

It’s the peripheral components of relocation that make moving such a hassle. Once the furniture has been transported, it’s time to transfer service providers. A quick search shows numerous hairdressers in Springfield Lakes, but you’re not sure how to assess their quality and don’t want to risk a long trial-and-error process. You need an experienced hairdresser that specialises in your texture and uses top-quality products and protective treatments that restore and maintain the health and volume of your locks.

As your style changes frequently, creativity and innovation are ideal qualities in hair stylist selection. Choosing a premium hair salon near Springfield Lakes is as simple as booking a consultation with Unique PHD. You’ll see that our hair artists work with you to maintain your current style or create a fresh new look to match this new life chapter. As leading industry professionals, our team of hairdressers enhance your natural beauty through top-quality cutting-edge techniques that will make you the talk of Springfield Lakes.

Premium Hair Salon for Springfield

We know your hair is important, and you’ve worked to keep its healthy shine. Unique PHD understands the apprehension that comes with trusting a new hairdresser. We put your anxiety at ease with a spa-like experience that soothes as it beautifies. Our hair salon doesn’t work from styling catalogues. Instead, we discuss your features and preferences to create a look that is all your own. Whether you’re looking for a creative and striking hairstyle or one that highlights your natural features through flawless blending, our hair salon near Springfield has the treatment for you.

Our hair artists produce red-carpet-worthy colours, cuts, styles, straightening/retexturizing treatments, and extensions for men, women, and children old enough to sit unaccompanied. We’re committed to making each of our guests feel special, and our goal is to send you back to Springfield feeling confident and revitalised. Our hairdressers create an environment where people want to stay, chat, and relax. Join us Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for complementary cheese and wine to excite your palate while your tresses are transformed.

Uniquely Unique PHD

More than creating a unique one-day hairstyle, we encourage protective hair care products and maintenance treatments. Our salon offers La Biosthétique and Olaplex protection systems for chemically treated hair. Developed in France and backed by research, these treatments restore and condition hair from the inside out guarding strands against breakage. Protective treatments extend the life of your style lengthening the time between visits from Springfield Lakes. These systems can be applied during colourings or as stand-alone applications. We also offer a series of short La Biosthétique ritual treatments specifically designed to restore shine, colour, volume, or repair damage in as little as 10 minutes per treatment.

Our website provides a complete list of hair care services with standard price scale based on length of hair and degree of treatment (new, touch up, or protection). Booking is easy online, or please call with questions, to set up a consultation, or discuss available AfterPay options. When you join our social media community, you become a VIP guest eligible for exclusive campaigns that bundle treatments and discount our already affordable rates. Additionally, you’ll get design ideas, hair care tips, and community announcements.