Find your Perfect Cut or Style at a Brookwater Hair Salon

Are you looking for a new job? Maybe seeking a new partner? An excellent first impression is crucial in today’s work and social circles. Perhaps, you are still wearing the same hairstyle from several years ago or just want a change. Visiting a hair salon near Brookwater will help the real you to shine through.

Unique PHD understands you desire a quality cut, colour and style with the relaxing ambiance and professional etiquette expected of high-end artists, but at affordable prices. This is no ordinary hair salon in Brookwater; our blissful environment will transport you from the days’ stress to a peaceful setting. When you visit the salon, you are our guest and we treat you as such; for example, appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday nights receive complimentary cheese and wine.

Our experienced stylists want you to love your hair when you leave. For this reason, we spend a few minutes chatting to discover what your day to day life activities involve and what look you are interested in achieving. Especially if you want to make a big change, you can feel relaxed and confident you are in good hands.

When you are ready to upgrade your hair colour or style, adjust the length, maybe even add or remove bangs; let Unique PHD join you on your journey. Call us on 0421 084 179 to speak with one of our dedicated stylists to learn your hair needs and goals and schedule your appointment with a professional hairdresser. For your convenience, you can also book online.