Quality Hair Extensions in Ipswich, Springfield, and Springfield Lakes at Unique PHD

Our skilled hairdressers at Unique PHD strive to make each of our guests feel pampered while we create the beautiful hair you deserve. We offer a refreshment menu with complimentary wine and cheese on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to turn your trip to our salon into a memorable girls’ night out. Our experienced hairdressers provide a variety of high-end services at affordable prices.

Your Hair Is Linked to Your Mood

Everybody has felt the boost of confidence from a good hair day and psychologists understand that how we look is linked to how we feel. When you can look back in history, you realise that hair has always been a central part of the human experience. Wealth and power have been worn on the tops of people’s heads like their lavish powdered wigs for millennia.

Even though we don’t equate opulent wigs and outrageous hairstyles with wealth and power anymore, our hair still affects our self-esteem. Part of that self-esteem is the confidence that comes from looking terrific. Being in control also generates self-esteem and hair allows you to control the length, style, colour and more.

Ageing can bring about changes in our hair that can be hard to accept such as thinning and greys. Some women want to continue to have the long hair of their younger days, but a short and sassy cut can make you look and feel younger. Our hairdressers can take years off your appearance with our array of services.

Benefits of Hair Extensions in Ipswich

One of the luxury services we provide is human hair extensions and styling. Women desire hair extensions for a variety of reasons. For example, if you have thin hair and you want more volume or you have a short cut but desire more length. It can take months to grow out short hair, but we can painlessly and quickly give you the length you want. Of course, sometimes you merely need a change because nothing makes you feel like a new person more than a beautiful hairstyle.

We use human hair extensions because they afford you many benefits over synthetic hair extensions. Human hair is easy to style whether you want it curly or straight. It can be dyed to become a seamless match to your natural colour. Human hair is natural so it blends in with your hair making it virtually unnoticeable that you have extensions.

They are easy to maintain because you wash the extensions just like your natural hair. Even though the initial price of human hair is a bit higher than synthetic extensions, it will save you money over time. Because it’s so easy to care for and durable; your human hair extensions will last longer.

If you are looking to reap the benefits of an exquisite hairstyle or hair extensions in Springfield, Springfield Lakes or Ipswich contact Unique PHD and we can book an appointment for you to be a pampered guest at our salon. Our hairdressers will discuss your desires and design a style that gives you the confidence and self-esteem the perfect cut provides.