Five Questions to Ask Your Unique PHD Hairdressers when Having a Haircut at a Hair Salon Near Amberley

Small talk with your hairdresser can be particularly pleasant in an environment that is specifically designed and furnished to make you feel relaxed. At our hair salon near Amberley, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day. We adore creating a pleasant atmosphere for you, while at the same time turning your hair into a swift, simple and low-maintenance style or a masterpiece.

Whether you like to chat about your health, your vacation plans or simply the weather, or whether you prefer just to have your hair done, both are fine with us. There are, however, a few things you can – even should – ask us. Our experience has prepared us with ample knowledge about hair. So, next time you visit us for a haircut at Amberley, pepper us with the following questions.

What hair type do I have?

Our guests usually have a clear idea of their hair, but occasionally they’re quite wrong too. Does your hair look nice and thick, and are you sure you’re treating it in the best possible way? In truth, you could have a lot of very fine hair. This isn’t bad at all, provided you know how to take care of it. Are you concerned that you’re losing a lot of hair? It may only seem so. We’ll be only too happy to take that worry away from you.

How often should I wash my hair?

Theories abound concerning the number of times you should wash your hair. You may be doing your hair disfavour by washing it too often, not often enough, or with the wrong shampoo. Wind and weather have different effects on your hair and scalp and so does your diet.

Which styling products are indispensable for me?

Has a multitude of flasks, creams and tubes amassed in your bathroom cabinet? Buying products without informing yourself well beforehand will leave you only partly satisfied. How confident can you be that they’re all right for you? Ask someone who has the necessary knowledge about such products.

Which style can I wear daily, but turn into something amazing right before a party?

You’ll find many super-easy techniques on the internet. Boxer braids, loose waves, faux bobs, messy buns, twist & pin are just some of them. If you want to stand out, we’ll let you in to a few little secrets too.

If I were to give you carte blanche with my hair, what would you do?

This question sounds like music to our ears! Together we’ll discuss your type of hair, how it flows and falls. But your personality is important to us too, your charisma (yes, you have that), your clothing style and even if you have a specific aim in mind with your hairstyle. We ask questions, we listen, but in the end, you decide.

More questions to ask at our hair salon near Amberley

These are only five questions, but we know from experience that once our guests have asked these, they think of a few more. So, next time you visit your Amberley PHD Hairdressers, instead of indulging in pleasant chitchat or staying solemnly quiet, consider testing us with the above five questions. We won’t disappoint.