Hair with Love

The right haircut can make you breath with a different kind of happiness. But it’s Unique PHD’s attention to detail that keeps our guests coming back. We empower all our artists to channel their inner creativity in order to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Hearing about the compliments they receive is one thing. Yet it’s the journey of our authentic warm service that we’re most proud of. Come and experience our healing hands.

It goes without saying, creativity takes courage. We began with an innocent idea to create beautiful hair transformations. So, we spread the word through a budding Facebook page and even the local paper. And on the 10th of November 2015, we officially opened our doors! With just three staff, the reception was like nothing we expected.

Today with our team of five we have over 3400 Facebook followers and an ever-expanding membership platform. More importantly, what started off as an ambitious plan to create unique and amazing hair was well and truly alive. Even as times change, our cultivated environment where you always leave loving your look is a constant. With our guests adoring the warm service as much as their new hair, it’s definitely been a worthwhile journey.

Unique PHD is a leading hair salon in Redbank. Our hairdressing services include colour correction, professional haircuts, kerasilk smoothing, lightening and more. We’re transformation specialists and colour masters ready to leave you delighted and surprised with our comprehensive service. We only stock the highest quality premium natural products that align with our values of environmental sustainability. Simply put, it means a more luscious, natural and healthier head of hair.

My life long challenge has been to find a place where I can feel safe, comfortable and be myself. After a successful career having worked with some of the industries leading colourists and session stylists; I was privileged enough to work alongside a team of inspirational artists. I then found myself standing before a stage of eager awaiting eyes; hundreds of young talented artists all awaiting a show. My career has been attributed to years of in depth education, focused primarily around the science of hair and the art of chemical science and education. Having had years of elocution and public speaking classes, my career was going in a direction that for some, was the epitome of the ultimate measure of success. I became so closed off from the world around me; the long days, the 4am model calls. It very quickly became a show I no longer wanted any part of.

I had worn so many masks for a multitude of people and it only became harder to connect with the real me. I walked away from an industry to find myself and here I am with a salon from humble beginnings. Within the span of two days, Unique PHD was born and I finally felt like I could relax and just be…me. I had realized that growth and comfort do not co-exist and that in itself has been the most challenging and rewarding experience. This salon is a space where we actively encourage young artists to explore and expand their creativity, whether it be from a makeup artist, colourist or an edgy sharp stylist we empower them to grow and learn. From there they have a platform to forge their own careers and make their mark in the industry. We believe it’s through the meaningful connections with you, our guests, that we can strive to inspire our artists to become strong leaders and industry experts.